Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy for Rippll Ltd and all associated campaign landing pages linking to our cashback program. Rippll take your data privacy very seriously, we intend to be as transparent as possible about our data processes, what data we use and how we store it.

What data does Rippll collect?

Rippll collect both anonymous and identifiable consumer information for market research in the following ways:

(1) If you click on an ad by Rippll and declare your age and recent purchases in order to see if you qualify for cashback we store this data anonymously and it is not possible to link back to your personally identifiable information in any way.

(2) If you then qualify for cashback and choose to share your purchase history with us via open banking in exchange for cashback (effectively selling that data to us) we will then store your personal information for as long as we need to process your cashback and comply with all anti-money laundering laws under our 'legitimate interest' to that data. We will also anonymise your purchase data and use that for market research such that none of your shopping data can be linked back to your personal information.

How is the data used?

Rippll use the purchase data collected from consumers to help advertisers understand if the advertising they have been served has affected their purchasing behaviour. We are able to do this because it is the same advertisers that served the Rippll ad which started your interaction with our website. Hence we do not directly link our data to theirs. We also help market research agencies collect data from consumers to analyse shopping trends.

What data is shared with other companies?

We only share insights about consumers trends with other companies and never share your personal data or any identifiers than could help them enrich their data with new information about you. However from time to time companies may use Rippll services to collect data for their own databases and in such a case the name of this company collecting the data will be given when you choose to share the data.

Your GDPR Rights

Subject to applicable law, you may have a number of rights regarding the processing of your Data The Right to be Informed; The right to know what data of yours that we process or control; The Right to Access; information about how you access the data we have relating to your device is detailed below. The right to request, on legitimate grounds: deletion of your PII that we process or control; or restriction of processing of your PII that we process or control; Correction/rectification of data that we hold The right to object, on legitimate grounds, to the processing of your data by us or on our behalf; The right to have your PII that we process or control transferred to another data controller, to the extent applicable; Where we process your PII on the basis of your consent, the right to withdraw that consent; and The right to file a complaint with a Data Protection Authority regarding the processing of your PII by us or on our behalf. If you have any questions in regards to your rights or would like to exercise any of the rights above then please contact us at

To excercise any of the above rights please click here to verify your identity using the same open banking process we would have paid you with when we collected your data. After verification you will have the option to see your data and an option to delete the data by first refunding to us the cash we paid you for sharing the data.

Rippll privacy policy
12th Oct 2021