Consumer First Measurement

We give consumers instant cash rewards for sharing brand sentiments and purchase data relating to advertising exposure, so we can deliver brand and purchase lift reports to advertisers.

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How it works.

We have partnered with all the major banks in key european markets to be able to verify consumer identity and see consumer’s shopping transactions with their consent through Open Banking (PSD2) technology. PSD2 is regulated by the FCA and carries the highest GDPR compliance.

Brand lift

We measure the changes in brand perception driven by ad campaigns.

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Purchase lift

We measure online and in-store purchases driven by ad campaigns.

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Match your ad campaign to our panellists using social onboarding, audience re-targeting or send your CRM to our Smart Recall™ landing page.



Users get a cash reward in exchange for the opinions and shopping data they share on our page.



You get your campaign results and actionable insights in the Rippll Dashboard.

User Journey

Rippll dashboard.

See which ad placements are driving most store visits and spend and then optimise your media buy to leverage these insights. Works on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Case studies.

See how various sectors have benefitted from using Rippll to measure what works best for driving store visit uplifts and better ROI

Quick Service Restaurant

A leading fast food brand used Rippll to optimise a campaign towards a higher average basket with the launch of a new range of desserts.

Case studies


A leading supermarket chain wanted to compare social media with DOOH in terms of driving store visits.

Case studies

Shopping Centre

See how we helped a large shopping centre to measure the contributions it's digital marketing was making to the brands inside it's centres

Case studies

From coffee shops to car showrooms we've got case studies for all sorts of purchases.
Case Studies

Flexible pricing.

You can start using Rippll on any size campaign or create your own separate instance of the Rippll platform to explore a raw data set on our Enterprise plan.

Basic reports

Percentage of media cost

  • Visit rate uplift
  • Spend uplift
  • Demographic info
  • Customer type
  • Average basket
  • Purchase frequency

Insight reports

Fixed fee

  • All basic features
  • Vendor splits
  • Audience splits
  • Optimisation splits
  • Competitor analysis
  • ROI Calculator

Enterprise plan

Monthly fee

  • All basic features
  • All insight features
  • Custom landing pages
  • Custom GDPR opt-in
  • Custom consumer insights
  • Siloed data feed

So many questions
so little time.

  • In what countries is Rippll available?

    Rippll is currently available in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, and Netherlands with more countries coming soon.

  • Does it work with all media vendors?

    Yes, we are able to measure all vendors with no integration needed.

  • What is the set up process?

    It takes less than 24hrs. Simply contact us with your campaign information: Advertiser, campaign dates, competitors, media budget and number of splits. Then we will send you the tags and Rippll ad to be implemented.

  • What's Open Banking?

    Open Banking is a new regulation that forces the banks to provide a mechanism for you to safely share your bank data with tech companies if you choose to. It is regulated by the FCA and is the most secure technology on the internet. Learn more

  • How accurate are the results?

    The transactions are 100% accurate and to prove this we can share 5 anonymised transactions with the advertiser to check against their own purchase data without disclosing PII. This can be thought of as the 'Confidence Level' for statistical analysis. Giving the results as little as 1-4% margin for error at the statistical analysis level in any European market working with:
    Margin for error = Confidence level * Population standard deviation / Square root of sample size
    To see this math in action try this handy statistics calculator

  • Is this GDPR compliant?

    Yes, it's fully GDPR compliant and FCA approved.

  • Does this work on mobile and desktop?

    Yes the Rippll service works on all platforms.

  • Do you use Location data?

    We used to but because of the moves that the tech giants have taken to make the web more privacy compliant we found that Location data isn't as accurate or widely available as it used to be. We also wanted to be able to close the loop on conversions beyond just a visit so we moved to a transactional data set. Learn more

Open Banking
is changing consumer interactions.

The PSD2 'Open Banking' regulation has forced banks to open up consumer data via APIs such that consumers can share their banking data in exchange for value from service providors like Rippll It is being used for all sorts of things from mortgage calculations to identity verification.

  • FCA Approved.
  • Read only access.
  • GDPR compliant.
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We are GDPR compliant
by default because we purchase data from the consumer for anonymised market research.

We use our legitimate interest to process transactional data for anonymised and aggregated reporting in exchange for the cash received. We aren't tracking them covertly for access to a website or app, we are overtly purchasing their data for privacy compliant research purposes only

  • Legitimate interest at point of exchange.
  • No third party data brokers.
  • Direct relationship with consumers.

Open Banking is booming,
join the revolution now.

Since launching our new service in Sep 2019 we have tracked millions of euros of spend across 5 european markets.


17 Mil.


45 Mil. €
Online demo Case studies

Compare our methodology with older technologies.

We transitioned into bank transactions from previously using Location Data so we know the pros and cons. Overall location data can be very useful for audience targeting, howver we believe the transaction data works better for measurement for the following reasons.

  • Why we don't use Location

    Because of IOS 14, we don't believe location data is accurate enough to measure visits. It is still a great way to target media and get scale but in terms of attribution measurement, bank data is best to prove media effectiveness.

  • Why we don't use IDFA

    Because of IOS 14 we don't believe there is enough scale in matching IDFAs of exposed users, so we prefer to ask the advertiser to re-target the exposed users with our cashback landing page ad.

  • Why do we use cash rewards

    Because GDPR means that the consumer must pro-actively choose to chare their store visits with us and the best value exchange is cash. Other store visit methodologies take the consumer data without the consumer agreeing to that specific company.

Location data Transaction data
Involves data brokers
Accurate to store level (* post ios14)
Whole media plan
Consumer sees company name
Basket spend
Competitor baskets

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