Connecting mobile data

We connect mobile data

We help Brands and Publishers connect Mobile, Location and In-Store data for better Targeting and Attribution.


Create a true Single Customer View across Laptop, mobile & in-store visits for better personalisation, re-targeting and attribution.


Create valuable cross-device & location-based audiences for programmatic targeting.


Enrich your data, export your data or measure your ad effectiveness with our pool of 'always on' app users.

Integrated and Instant Solutions


Integrate our SDK and tracking pixels if you want to collect and connect user data including cross-device synchronisation and location based user behaviours.


Plug straight into our APIs if you already have some User Data that you want to enrich or segment.


Tap into our vast data pool to generate single customer views and ad effectiveness reports from web to mobile to store visits.


Some of the great Publishers and Brands that have used our tech.

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Use Cases

From Marketing to Advertising to Content Personalisation there is so much value in User Data


Publishers use Rippll to build Valuable Audiences for Programmatic Media from basic location data and browsing history.

App Owners

App Owners use Rippll to Push Message users who have been in specific locations recently.

High Street Brands

High Street Brands use Rippll to track store visits to measure the effectiveness of their Mobile Advertising.


Advertisers use Rippll to re-target website visitors on programmatic mobile app inventory.

Online Brands

Online Brands use Rippll to personalize their content across devices and platforms.

Research Companies

Research companies use Rippll to analyse the impact of marketing on consumer behaviours in specific locations.

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